How Durable Is Epoxy Floors?

The Durability Of Epoxy Floors

The durability of flooring is extremely important when living in a high traffic home, owning a business, or creating a recreational area. It can be used both inside and outside of buildings and more. This makes it one of the more versatile options available on the market.

It can withstand high levels of foot traffic, and for this reason is often used in art galleries, schools, public buildings, and more. While it may wear down over time. It will usually take more than 10 years, even in extremely high volume areas, for it to need any form of repairs. Linoleum, wood flooring, and many other commercial seals will take only 5 years before they need to be repaired. This can be as low as 3 years if the flooring is done in an area with high humidity or where heavy items are dropped on the flooring on a regular basis. That is why the epoxy flooring cost can be justified.

Epoxy can generally be cleaned with almost any cleaner and is not generally prone to damage from chemicals or solvents. This makes it appealing for use in garages, near pools, and in industrial cleaning facilities as well. There are some chemicals that can damage it, so an MSDS should always be consulted before using a chemical on or around the epoxy flooring.

The flooring is also able to stand up under a number of different climates, not having the same problems in extreme cold or heat as other flooring choices may have. This makes it a great choice for people who live in areas where the climate fluctuates on a regular basis and less likely for the floors to crack. The reduced curing time is also helpful for areas that have heavy rainfall or sudden fluctuations in temperature as well.

The flooring can withstand being painted or having other things laid on top of it as well. It is particularly good for drilling into or affixing furniture too. This makes it ideal for workplaces and for outdoor pavilions. Many cities are looking to epoxy as a solution to their long-term outdoor needs.

Finally, epoxy can withstand being used in normal manners as well. Walking over it, dragging furniture, having pets run through, spilling drinks, and everything else that happens in a normal home is something that this type of flooring can take. This makes it an ideal option for a family home, especially in the rooms of children or in their play rooms.

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