How much does it cost to epoxy a floor?

The Cost Of Applying Epoxy To A Floor

When looking at the various different ways to re-do a floor or to put in a new one, there is a method that will almost always beat all others in terms of cost. This is the epoxy method, effectively covering concrete, wood, or any other material with a thick resin-like substance that can then have other things set into it or be left as is. This method is also one of the quickest and most long lasting as well.

The cost will vary depending on the area being covered, but also on the availability of materials. Generally, the cost will cover labor and then the cost of the epoxy itself. This can be figured out by looking at the price per bucket and then seeing how much a bucket covers. different colors, tints, and types will all have different types and cover different areas.

Generally, it is best to go through a contractor when trying to get this kind of floor created. This is because they will be able to get the materials for a cheaper cost, will know if any extra steps are required for the area that is being worked on, and will know what adjustments to make for the climate as well. An epoxy flooring contractor will also be able to finish the job quickly and will be able to guarantee the work, something that cannot be said for someone doing it on their own.

The cheapest version of epoxy resin flooring is usually going to be that used to seal concrete floors. However, many people have found success in using things like pennies, reclaimed wood, and even old china as base pieces. These will all need an epoxy that is a little bit more expensive, as it will need to create a thicker layer and will need to account for the reactions of epoxy with the materials that it is covering as well. However, it is still extremely cost effective even in these situations.

Epoxy is generally rather long lasting as well, making it a good investment for areas that get a large amount of traffic. It doesn’t suffer from water damage and can be used in areas surrounding pools and also in laundry rooms. If it does sustain damage it can generally be repaired or completely re-done for much cheaper than other options. It generally does not require expensive chemicals to clean as well.

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