Buttressed dams are probably the most technically complex of all dam types. Like gravity dams, they transfer loads to the foundation, but they do so by means of special retaining walls - buttresses. Such construction allows to reduce the required amount of concrete (and therefore the cost) significantly in comparison with conventional gravity dams (by... Read MoreButressed dams

Epoxy floor coating is one of the most efficient ways of sealing concrete and of refurbishing outdated flooring. Doing this helps maintain the concrete surface and protect against harsh impact. Additives like polyamine hardener and epoxide resin are some of the ingredients that make epoxy floor coating. Apart from floor coating, epoxy can be used... Read MoreThe 10 Main Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

How to use Epoxy Injection for Concrete Crack Repair?

The pre-requisites for performing Epoxy injections for concrete crack repair are: Make sure the cause of the crack is fixed, else new cracks will appear near the original one after some time. If the reason for crack is due to water leakage, make sure to stop it before repairing the crack. In simpler terms, the... Read MoreHow to use Epoxy Injection for Concrete Crack Repair?